2013 Lin Cang Little Tuocha Green Puer 100g

2013 Lin Cang Little Tuocha Green Puer 100g

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The “tuo” in “tuo cha” refers to the shape of this tea's compression. Conventionally, this bowl shape is a 8cm diameter and 4.5 cm high, but larger sizes are common as well.  Production of this tea first started in Yunnan’s Jing Gu county. These compressed teas were sold to a tea market in the Tuo river area of Sichuan, thus giving another the other origin for its name. During collectivization, nearly all tuo cha were produced in Xia Guan in Yunnan and in Chongqing, in Sichuan. Now, every region in Yunnan produces tuo cha.

This particular tea was produced in Lin Cang County’s Da Xue Shan tea region. This is a mountain where tea trees were only discovered in 1997 after a bamboo forest wilted and revealed groupings of old tea trees growing on its face at 2200 to 2750 M above sea level.  This area is still quite remote. Because of the long transit into and out of the region, mao cha for this tea is usually prepared on site, as soon as the tea is picked, before it its carried out by mule.

The tea from this region is identifiable by two characteristics, namely its very thick and soft leaves and its rich and deep flavors. When sipping this tea, you may feel an initial shock of astringency to your palate, but it just as soon fades into sweetness. This strong character makes this tea a great candidate for aging, but those who drink it now will have still plenty to appreciate in its fresh floral aroma and deep, complex flavors.

This tuo cha has an unusually young plucking standard of 1 bud and 2 leaves. This tea was made for a special order and we are very pleased to be carrying it. We encourage you to enjoy it while we have it!

Location: Yunnan
Tea Bush: Yunnan Big Leaf bush
Tea Master: He Tian Neng
Harvest Time: early April
Picking Standard: 1st grade mao cha with buds
Brewing vessel: glass cup, gaiwan, glass or porcelain pot, yixing pot
Brewing Guidelines: 1st infusion 3/4 Tbs (use hard tool to break a quarter size piece)per 20 oz 212F for 1 min
Infusions: at least 6 times

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little green puer tuo cha
little green puer tuo cha unwrapped
little green puer tuo cha cupping
little green puer tuo cha leaf configuration
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