2013 Teas


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Que She (Sparrow's Tongue) Rock Wulong 2013

Named for its delicate and narrow shape, Sparrow’s Tongue has a rich and unique aroma with a smooth flavor and an enduring aftertaste.

Our price: $18.34

Shou Mei Organic White Tea 2013

High grade Shou Mei pairs a fresh and fruity aroma with a richer character than Bai Mu Dan and Silver Needle.

Our price: $12.86

Tai Ping Hou Kui Organic Green Tea 2013


This famous green tea from the town of Tai Ping has a very unusual long and flat leaf shape created by special hand processing unique to its style...

Our price: $16.90

Tie Luo Han (Iron Monk) Rock Wulong 2013

Tie Luo Han bushes resemble a willow tree with thick shiny leaves with large veins that create a rich complex tea. 

Our price: $24.30

Tongmu Bohea Organic Black Tea 2013

Bohea (Boo-he) is the world’s first black tea created purely by the innovative tea farmers in...

Our price: $22.00

Wang Zhe Zhi Xiang (Emperor's Orchid) Scented Tea 2013

Tea scented with orchid flower has always been quite rare. Today, only Sichuan province tea makers produce this tea by means of a careful scenting process that uses fresh Spring-blooming orchids and young tea buds grown on Sichuan's Mengding Mountain. A rare scented tea that balances the complexities of high quality green tea and the delicate scent of the orchid flower.

Our price: $30.71

Yin Gou Mei (Silver Fish Hook Eyebrow) Green Tea 2013

This hand picked tea results in a robust flavor without bitterness.

Our price: $15.50

Yin Hao Long Zhu (Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls) Scented Tea 2013

In the cold spring, fresh, young buds from certified organic white tea bushes are harvested and then hand-rolled into tight pearls to make...

Our price: $35.03

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