2013 Teas


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Lapsang Souchong Strong Smoke Organic Black Tea 2013

This smoky certified organic Lapsang Souchong is the most popular and familiar of smoked black teas.

Our price: $8.99

Premium Qimen (Premium Keemun) Organic Black Tea 2013

This certified organic tea is a traditional qimen made from late spring fresh young leaves.

Our price: $8.88

2013 Little Rose Puer Black Tuo Cha

This is a good choice for people new to puer wanting the richness of puer with a lighter taste. This tuo cha is made from mid-grade black puer mixed with rose petals.

Our price: $8.55

Gao Shan Yun Wu (Misty New Top) Organic Green Tea 2013

The fresh young leaves create a smooth, rich, refreshing flavor. Accompanied with the bright green/yellow color of the liquid this tea brings a light feeling of spring.

Our price: $7.90

Bai Yun Xiang Pian (White Cloud Jasmine) Scented Tea 2013

This tea holds a wonderful aroma and delicate taste.

Our price: $6.67

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