2013 Little Rose Puer Black Tuo Cha

2013 Little Rose Puer Black Tuo Cha

This is a good choice for people new to puer wanting the richness of puer with a lighter taste. This tuo cha is made from mid-grade black puer mixed with rose petals. The rose petals add sweetness and lightness. This puer is from 2013, smooth and sweet, with red overtones. When you brew this tea is a glass infuser, let it steep for a couple of minutes and give it a stir for a sudden burst of color. The small cakes are always measured perfectly, and very convenient for travel.

Location: Simao city, Yunnan
Tea Bush: Local Yunnan Varieties
Tea Master: Zhu Jianxin
Harvest Time: May
Picking Standard: 3-4 leaves
Brewing vessel: glass cup, gaiwan, glass or porcelain pot, yixing pot
Brewing Guidelines: 1st infusion 1 piece per 12 oz 212F for 3 min
Infusions: at least 4 times

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little rose black tuo cha
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