Bai Ji Guan (White Rooster Crest) Rock Wulong 2013

Bai Ji Guan (White Rooster Crest) Rock Wulong 2013


Bai Ji Guan


When you walk through the tea fields of Wu Yi mountains in the end of April, when harvest season is about to begin, you can see the vibrant yellow rows of Bai Ji Guan, standing out from the other green bushes. The shape and color of Bai Ji Guan's leaves are its namesake – “white rooster crest”. Its leaves, showing a creamy yellowish blush, open like the crown of an old rooster. As the old legend goes, a regal old rooster met his end somewhere near a place called Hui Yuan Rock. The locals, out of reverence for the animal, buried it beneath a nearby tea bush. When the next spring came, they discovered the tea bush was now blooming with bright yellow growth.


This tea is one of the famous ancient varieties. It is rare, like the Sparrow’s Tongue, because of its low yield, small leaves, large space requirement, and late harvest time – all traits considered undesirable for commodity tea. The annual production of Bai Ji Guan is very low and because of this, very little is available on the market. Even in the finished product, the leaves of Bai Ji Guan appear light in color, not blackened like traditional rock wulong teas. To preserve this tea’s unique, smooth, and floral character, the tea master has not heavily roasted the leaves. When you infuse the tea, you’ll find that the thinness and silky smoothness of the leaves’ texture is striking. The brewed tea color is a clear and vibrant orange. As the leaves soak water and open, their red edges become visible, showing the slight amount of oxidation usually not visible in other rock wulong tea.


Tea Bush: Bai Ji Guan
Tea Master: Huang Shi Ying
Harvest Time: 2nd week of May
Picking Standard: 1 young leaf and 2 full leaves


Brewing Guidelines

Teaware:12 oz. glass, porcelain or yi xing clay pot

Amount: 1 ½ Tbs (5g) of tea leaves

Water: 212 F (boiling) filtered water.

Infusion: First infusion at least 2 minutes. The leaves are good for six infusions.

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white rooster crest dry leaves
white rooster crest cupping
white rooster crest leaf configuration
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