Black Puer


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Ma Guo Tou Shu Bing (Black Puer Cake) 2012 400g

Bright red infusion offers a flavor that is full-bodied but not heavy, with a pronounced sweetness in the aftertaste.

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Jing Mai Da Shu Bing (Black Puer Cake) 2011 357g

This black puer cake is from the Jing Mai region of Yunnan province . . .

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Jing Gu Xiao Fang Zhuan (Black Puer Brick) 2013 100g

Exceptionally smooth flavor, with a rich and sweet body with no acid bitterness. The fermentation for this tea was done entirely without adding moisture to the leaves, instead allowing them to ferment for a longer period of time – almost ninety days.

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2005 Tuocha Black Puer 250g

This particular tea uses large and mid-size leaves, richly "cooked" by the fermentation process

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