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Zao Xiang Xiao Shu Tuo (Date Fragrance Mini Black Tuo Cha) 2007

Zao Xiang Xiao Shu Tuo (Date Fragrance Mini Black Tuo Cha) was created especially for new puer tea drinkers. Each piece weighs 3 grams, yielding a mild cup that is more approachable for new puer drinkers. The producers used 5th grade maocha, carefully fermenting it to give a lightly-cooked Chinese Date fragrance. The flavor is more fruity and less earthy than other puers with a smooth, sweet character.

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Zao Xiang Cha Zuan (Date Fragrance Black Puer Brick) 2006 250g

This black puer has already aged for several years. Older, larger leaves (6th-7th grade) were used to create a more cooked Chinese date fragrance and more robust flavor. The puer has a sweet finish and less earthy taste when compared to younger puer. The tea brews up a bright red color immediately.

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Ma Guo Tou Shu Bing (Black Puer Cake) 2012 400g

The bright red color of the infused tea indicates very concentrated nutrition, and the flavor is full-bodied but not heavy, with a pronounced sweetness on the aftertaste.

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Jing Mai Da Shu Bing (Black Puer Cake) 2011 357g

This black puer cake is from the Jing Mai region of Yunnan province . . .

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Jing Gu Xiao Fang Zhuan (Black Puer Brick) 2013 100g

Exceptionally smooth flavor, with a rich and sweet body with no acid bitterness. The fermentation for this tea was done entirely without adding moisture to the leaves, instead allowing them to ferment for a longer period of time – almost ninety days.

Our price: $15.00
2005 Tuocha Black Puer 250g

Tuocha is a famous compressed tea that originated around the year 1902. It is made from a special sun-dried green tea called mao cha of the Yunnan big leaf tea bush. The name Tuocha is partly derived from the Chinese word “tuo” which translates loosely as “bowl”.

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2004 Tai Lian Brick 250g

Natural fermentation has continued in these aged bricks, yielding a tea that is already quite different from young black puer.

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