Da Xue Shan Sheng (Snow Mountain Green) Loose Leaf Puer 2012

Da Xue Shan Sheng (Snow Mountain Green) Loose Leaf Puer 2012

This tea came from Yongde Country’s Daxueshan National Reserve in the far western edge Yunnan Province. The area belongs to the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains, the highest peak locally being 3504 meters. Tea growing regions within this area ranges from 1900 to 2750 meters in elevation with all of the tea coming from trees that are 300 to 400 years old. Tea was only recently re-discovered here when the surrounding Cizhu bamboo forest flowered and died, revealing old old tea trees. These tea trees are still in the deep forest and leaves picked from them have to be transported by out of the forest mules in a week long trip. The maocha is produced on site, with a primitive setup in the forest where the tea is whithered, fixed, and then sun dried. The aroma of the tea is heady and complex with influence from the sweet flowering azalea trees and other flowering trees in the forest. The color of its infusion is brightly golden and clear. The taste is rich, robust, with a quickly creeping sweetness. Many infusions can be made from these thick leaves with the flavor changing from infusion to infusion.

2012’s picking shows off an entire stem of one bud with one or two tender leaves. The size of the buds is indicative of the mature tree and the rich infusion they offer. Even the fragrance of these whole dry leaves is striking. Their flavor is sweet and delicate but enduring over many infusions. Their color alike fresh apricot peel.

Location: Yongde Country, in the Daxueshan National Reserve, Yunnan
Tea Bush: Yunnan Ye Sheng Da Cha Shu(Yunnan wild growing big tea tree)
Tea Master: Yang Bang Sheng
Harvest Time: Ming Qian (Before April 5th)
Picking Standard: one bud two leaves
Brewing vessel: glass cup, gaiwan, glass or porcelain pot, yixing pot
Brewing Guidelines: 1st infusion 2 Tbs (4-5g) per 12 oz of filtered water. Steep at 212F for 2 min
Infusions: at least 7 times

Note: Slowly simmering 5g of tea in one gallon of water on the stove also makes great tea and the leaves can be used multiple times. This economic manner of steeping is frequently used by the local people of Yunnan.

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