Hua Xin Mu Dan (Chrysanthemum Peony) Display Tea 2012 4pc

Hua Xin Mu Dan (Chrysanthemum Peony) Display Tea 2012 4pc

Chrysanthemum is a very popular herb in China for its cooling properties. There are so many different varieties of chrysanthemum, but only four of them have been considered good enough to be tribute teas for the emperor. One is from Yellow Mountain named "Huang Shan Gong Ju" (Yellow Mountain Tribute Chrysanthemum). Tea master Wang Feng Sheng adds this variety his Green Peony display tea to make Chrysanthemum Peony display tea. Adding chrysanthemum to green tea amplifies its cooling properties. Many Chinese use this combination as a popular remedy. Green tea from Huang Shan Mao Feng blends with gentle chrysanthemum flavor to make a soothing, easy-to-drink tea. The flavor lasts over 6 or more infusions. Remember to leave a little bit of tea at the bottom of your glass before adding more water.

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