Jing Gu Xiao Fang Zhuan (Black Puer Brick) 2013 100g

Jing Gu Xiao Fang Zhuan (Black Puer Brick) 2013 100g

This brick was made in the Jing Gu factory, which was one of the government established puer tea factories during collectivization.  The factory, now privatized, holds very high standards for sanitation and overall quality of its production, as well as a roster of tremendously experienced tea makers. Their carefully tended fermentation process for shu is still regarded as the most skilled in the industry.

The fermentation for this tea was done entirely without adding moisture to the leaves, instead allowing them to ferment for a longer period of time – almost ninety days – rather than the usual sixty. The result of this slower process is a tea that does not have the strong earthiness and “fishiness” of tea that was rushed through its fermentation with excess moisture.

This tea was picked on bushes between fifty and one hundred years old in the heavily forested Jing Gu County. Jing Gu’s subtropical monsoon climate does not just suit tea plants, but also champagne mango trees, which bear the county’s next most famous crop. The biodiversity of the region influence the character of its tea profoundly; some even insist that Jing Gu teas capture a shade of flavor from those mango trees deep in the layers of their body.

Small first and second grade leaves were used for this tea. It is compressed into a unique “chocolate bar” shape, making it easy to portion. Each section is about 7 or 8g grams of tea.  They brew great in larger 24 oz pots and will yield five to seven pots of tea, serving an entire family throughout the day or a whole dinner party.

Region:  Jing Gu, Yunnan Province
Tea Bush: Yunnan local tea bush
Harvest Time: April
Grade: 1st-2nd grade
Weight per piece: 100 grams
How to store: Store in a dark, well-ventilated area with less than 70% humidity.  Less than 25 degrees C or 77 degrees F.  Store in the paper or fabric, not plastic.  Keep away from odors and fragrances.  Brewing vessel: glass cup, gaiwan, glass or porcelain pot.

Brewing Guidelines:
1st infusion -- break off one or two pieces (like a chocolate bar) per 12 ounces.  Use boiling water (212F) for 3 minutes
2nd infusion -- 2 minutes
3rd to 6th infusions -- 3 minutes

Infusions: at least 5-6 times

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