Lu Mu Dan (Green Peony) Display Tea 2012 4pc

Lu Mu Dan (Green Peony) Display Tea 2012 4pc

Green Peony display tea is an original design by renowned tea master Wang Feng Sheng, the inventor of display teas. This was his first design in 1986. This tea comes from Yellow Mountain, an area famous for Huang Shan Mao Feng green tea. Mr. Wang picks tender, fresh green tea leaves early in the spring from the Huang Shan Mao Feng bush to make this display tea. The name "Green Peony" comes from the fact that the tea leaves are large and full, reminiscent of peony flowers. Peonies were China's national flowers for many dynasties, and are considered to bring good luck. Now more than 70 years old, Mr. Wang has been making tea nearly his whole life. For years he thought about how to make tea look different from the loose leaf tea that so many Chinese were accustomed to seeing. Huang Shan Mao Feng is appreciated for its smooth flavor, but Mr. Wang wraps enough tea in this display ball so that we can appreciate its rich flavor. In fact, Green Peony was one of the four teas from President Hu Jintao's home province of Anhui that the president gave to Russian President Vladimir Putin in during his visit in 2007. This tea ball can be re-infused at least 6 times. Enjoy its fresh green flavor and its unusually rounded flower shape when fully infused. What a nice way to appreciate this tea master's skill!

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