Meng Ding Huang Ya (Yellow Buds) Organic Yellow Tea 2012

Meng Ding Huang Ya (Yellow Buds) Organic Yellow Tea 2012
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This rare yellow tea from Sichuan province has been a tribute tea for centuries. It is mostly made from tea buds picked during the early spring to create a nutritious tea with a lightly sweet mild flavor. Enjoy the unique fragrance which comes from the complex processing of this tea. It is ideal for tea drinkers who like green tea for its nutrition and flavor but want to avoid stomach upset that can occur from drinking green tea. Yellow tea is legendary for its healing properties. While this cooling tea is very rich in antioxidants, there are only a few types of yellow tea processed due to the complicated and tedious process in making it. In fact, there are only a few Masters who know how to make yellow tea. Unfortunately, one of these few rare yellow teas, Huo Shan Huang Ya, is now only made into green tea. After the complex processing, this lightly oxidized tea has a mild flavor without the grassy smell associated with green tea.

Tea Origin: Sichuan Province, China
Tea Bush: Ming Shan #9
Tea Master: Li Hui
Harvest Time: March
Picking Standard: 85% tea buds 15% 1 bud to 1 leaf


Brewing Guidelines
Teaware: 12 oz. glass or porcelain pot
Amount: ¾ Tbs of tea leaves
Water: 185°F filtered water
Infusion: First infusion at least 2 minutes. The leaves are good for 5 infusions. Add a little more time for each subsequent infusion.

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