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Bi Luo Chun Green Tea 2014

December Special -- 20% Off!

Bi Luo Chun has small, tender leaves and a gentle fruity flavor.

Our price: $21.83

Jun Shan Yin Zhen Organic Yellow Tea 2014

December Special -- 20% Off!

Sweet fruit aroma and light sugarcane taste. Processed using the traditional yellow tea methods, which take at least 72 hours to complete.

Our price: $31.20

Qi Dan (Original Bush Big Red Robe) Rock Wulong 2014

December Special -- 20% Off!

Qi Dan’s most distinctive attribute is the complex aftertaste that develops slowly in the back of the throat after the infused tea is swallowed. This is the celebrated “Yan Yun” or “rhyme” of rock wulong tea.

Our price: $13.86

Qimen Caixia (Sunrise Keemun) Organic Black Tea 2014

December Special -- 20% Off!

A rare example of early harvest black tea, Qimen Caixia takes its name from its vermilion color, radiant as the sky at sunrise. Appropriately enough, Qimen Caixia makes for an excellent morning tea, freshening your mood with a beautiful aroma and a sweet flavor that sustains through multiple infusions.

Our price: $15.79

Tai Ping Hou Kui Organic Green Tea 2014

December Special -- 20% Off!

This famous green tea from the town of Tai Ping has a very unusual long and flat leaf shape created by special hand processing unique to its style...

Our price: $14.73

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