2014 Teas


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Mo Li Long Zhu (Jasmine Pearls) Scented Tea 2014

Jasmine Pearls offers a stronger flavor and lingering fragrance.

Our price: $11.73

Ma Liu Mi (Monkey Picked) Anxi Wulong 2014

This very popular tea is both lightly oxidized and roasted to create a fresh floral aroma...

Our price: $12.50

Shou Mei Organic White Tea 2014

High grade Shou Mei pairs a fresh and fruity aroma with a richer character than Bai Mu Dan and Silver Needle.

Our price: $12.86

Yu Qian An Ji Bai Cha Organic Green Tea 2014

This is a very popular tea for those who want to appreciate the health benefits of green tea but with a mild gentle flavor.

Our price: $13.18

Mi Lan Xiang (Snow Orchid) Dan Cong Wulong 2014

Snow Orchid is our most popular Dan Cong tea due to its rich flavor and aroma.

Our price: $13.50

Bai Mu Dan (White Peony) Organic White Tea 2014

This tea offers apricot colored infusions with a rich flavor that is noticeably fruity.

Our price: $13.52

Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle) Organic White Tea 2014

The fragrance is light, akin to freshly bloomed flowers. The flavor is more juicy than dry, filling the mouth with a smooth and lingering sweetness.

Our price: $13.85

Qi Dan (Original Bush Big Red Robe) Rock Wulong 2014

December Special -- 20% Off!

Qi Dan’s most distinctive attribute is the complex aftertaste that develops slowly in the back of the throat after the infused tea is swallowed. This is the celebrated “Yan Yun” or “rhyme” of rock wulong tea.

Our price: $13.86

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