Scented Tea

Scented teas (also called flower teas) can be either green or white teas that are been infused with certain flowers, which impart a delicate and interesting taste, and of course a wonderful aroma. Originally flowers were added to green tea to disguise a less-than-favorable taste in the poorer varieties, just as milk and sugar were added to black tea. This is still the case with many commercially produced flower teas, which hide the taste of very cheap tea behind a strong flowery fragrance.  Truly great jasmine teas, however, combine only high quality green or white teas with a subtle but distinct jasmine flavor infused into the leaves from freshly-picked jasmine flowers, not scented oils.

Scented tea reached its apex in Chinese tea culture during the Yuan Dynasty (11271-1368). The ethnic Mongolian Yuan brought with them to China a cuisine of very strong aromas. Delicate green tribute tea made with the subtle flavor of spring buds didn't stand a chance against the heavily spiced meals of the Yuan court. Moreover, the Yuan leadership seated its capital in Beijing, a place with relatively poor water for brewing tea.  Some people suspect that the custom of drinking scented tea began its rise to prominence during this time, from China's northern capital. To this day, scented teas remain popular in Northern China, jasmine and flower blends being the staple offering of Beijing tea houses.


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Mo Li Long Zhu (Jasmine Pearls) Scented Tea 2012


Jasmine Pearls offers a stronger flavor and lingering fragrance.

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