You Le Mtn. Ancient Tree (Green Puer Cake) 2011 400g

You Le Mtn. Ancient Tree (Green Puer Cake) 2011 400g

This puer cake comes from the Jinou minority group on You Le mountain, one of the six famous puer tea producing mountains of Yunnan province. In Jinou culture, tea is called either labo (tea leaves) or jieze (money tree), as they have always used tea for trade and did not have paper money until the 1970’s. According to one legend, tea began to be grown on You Le Shan during the Three Kingdom period (220-280) when some soldiers settled there after traveling through the area with Zhu Ge Liang, a famous military strategist. He gave the soldiers some tea seeds to plant, as no other crops would grow up in the mountains. Many people on You Le Shan still worship Zhu Ge Liang for providing them with their way of life.

The tea for our 2011 You Le Mountain green puer cake was harvested in March from ancient trees (average age of 200-300 years), with a picking standard of one bud to two tender leaves. Ancient trees provide greater, more complex nutrition in the leaves, as the central root of the tree goes deep into the soil to gather nutrients from many layers of undisturbed earth. For centuries, people have enjoyed tea from You Le mountain for its rich taste. The ancient tea trees give this puer cake a robust flavor and long finish, and the forest setting where these trees grow adds a complex floral aroma.

Region: You Le Mountain Tea Area, Yunnan Province
Grade: 1 bud to 2 leaves
Weight per piece: 400 grams
How to store: Store in a dark, well ventilated area with less than 70% humidity. Less than 25 degrees C or 77 degrees F. Store in the paper or fabric, not plastic. Keep away from odors and fragrances.
How to infuse: Any cup, pot, or gaiwan made of porcelain, glass, yixing clay, iron, or other material will work.

Brewing Guidelines:
1st infusion -- Loosen and gently break off about 5 grams of tea from the brick for approx. 12 ounces water. Use boiling water (212 degrees F) and infuse for 2 minutes.
2nd infusion -- Boiling water, infuse for 2 minutes
3rd infusion -- Boiling water, infuse for 3-5 minutes
4th to 7th (or more) infusions -- Boiling water, infuse for 5 minutes

Infusions: 7 or more times

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You Le Mtn. Ancient Tree (Green Puer Cake) 2011 400g
You Le Mtn. Ancient Tree (Green Puer Cake) 2011 unwrapped
You Le Mtn. Ancient Tree (Green Puer Cake) 2011cupping
You Le Mtn. Ancient Tree (Green Puer Cake) 2011 4 grams
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