Yu Qian An Ji Bai Cha Organic Green Tea 2014

Yu Qian An Ji Bai Cha Organic Green Tea 2014

Like our Ming Qian An Ji Bai Cha, this tea is rich is amino acids with a clean flavor. Since it is picked later in the season, it has a stronger flavor and greener color than our Ming Qian An Ji Bai Cha. This is a very popular tea for those who want to appreciate the health benefits of green tea but with a mild gentle flavor.

Note: Yu Qian refers to the second tea picking before the Gu Yu festival (April 20th)

Tea Origin: Zhejiang Province, China
Tea Bush: Bai Ye #1 (White Leaves #1)
Tea Master: Sheng Xue
Harvest Time: before April 20th
Picking Standard: 1 bud to 1 or 2 tender leaves


Brewing Guidelines
Teaware: 12 oz. glass or porcelain pot
Amount: 1 ½ Tbs of tea leaves
Water: 185°F filtered water
Infusion: First infusion at least 3 minutes. The leaves are good for 4 infusions. Add a little more time for each subsequent infusion.

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