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1995 Black Puer Brick

This rare, aged black puer brick is made from large leaves, and has a distinct date fragrance and a surprising sweetness, with a clear reddish color.

Our price: $318.00
2004 Tai Lian Brick 250g

Natural fermentation has continued in these aged bricks, yielding a tea that is already quite different from young black puer.

Our price: $78.50
2005 Jing Mai High Mountain Green Puer Cake

When you taste this tea, the features are quite apparent; the dense and robust taste; the bright yellow overtone of the liquor; the fragrance of stir-fried chestnut; the long lasting aftertaste. All these features are perfect for those who love complex, full-bodied flavors.

Our price: $88.00
2005 Tuocha Black Puer 250g

This particular tea uses large and mid-size leaves, richly "cooked" by the fermentation process

Our price: $30.68
Market price: $38.35 save 20%
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2005 Yunnan Big Leaf Zheng Shan Green Puer Cake

This green cake has a light yellow liquor and faint fragrance, so it belongs to the robust taste tea cake, which makes it an excellent candidate for those who prefer strong mouth feel, clear taste and lingering aroma.

Our price: $78.00
2005 Yunnan Yi Green Puer Cake

Orange yellow liquor, full bodied taste, lingering aftertaste and long infusion time makes this tea a great choice for those who prefer more challenging, complex sheng puer tea.

Our price: $85.50
2012 Yi Wu Mountain Ancient Tree Green Puer Cake 400g

This cake is made from only Yi Wu Mountain leaves picked in the traditional way of picking the very top buds and the first one or two leaves during the spring harvest. This tea is known for a slight honey flavor which is lighter than tea made from You Le Mountain. This cake was fermented naturally and is an excellent choice for long term storage.

Our price: $109.40
Quant Out of stock
2013 Lin Cang Little Tuocha Green Puer 100g

A great tea to save and age, but those who drink it now will have still plenty to appreciate in its fresh floral aroma and deep, complex flavors.

Our price: $13.50