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Seven Cups Sheng Bing (Green Puer Cake) 2008 400g

A lot of care went into the basic ingredients in this cake. The blend of maocha comes from three different locations...

Our price: $97.00
Sheng Tai Chen Xiang (Premium Puer) Loose Leaf Black Puer 2008

The great care used in the fermentation process is shown by the tenderness of these leaves.

Our price: $10.50

Shi Feng Long Jing (Shi Feng Dragon Well) Green Tea 2014

Long Jing is the most famous green tea in China but few have tasted the original, which grows on Shi Feng Shan in Hangzhou City.

Our price: $27.28

Shou Mei Organic White Tea 2013

High grade Shou Mei pairs a fresh and fruity aroma with a richer character than Bai Mu Dan and Silver Needle.

Our price: $12.86

Six Sided Yi Xing Pot

A small yi xing clay pot with a unique six-sided shape.

Our price: $55.00
Small Blue Flower Gaiwan

This small porcelain gaiwan is perfect for brewing any kind of tea.

Our price: $16.80