2005 Jing Mai High Mountain Green Puer Cake

2005 Jing Mai High Mountain Green Puer Cake

The blend is made primarily from 3 to 7 grade mao chao from the Tian Xi Lin Chang area, which is an important producer of big leaf tea in Yun Nan Province. The Yun Nan big leaf features a robust and pleasing aftertaste and it can support many steepings. When you taste this tea, the features are quite apparent; the dense and robust taste; the bright yellow overtone of the liquor; the fragrance of stir-fried chestnut; the long lasting aftertaste. All these features are perfect for those who love robust, full-bodied flavors. This tea is additionally blended with the fresh buds from the hundred-year old big leaf trees in the suburban area of Simao City of Jing Mai and the tea cakes shows the buds and downs. Farmers climbed to three meter high trees to hand- pick the leaves at a standard of one bud and two or three leaves. Since the mao chao from old trees is added to this tea cake, the aftertaste is sweeter and longer. The old tree leaves are inclined to ferment naturally, so it’s appropriate for Puer fans to store this tea and let it turn to Black Puer which has a gentle and light taste with a more intensive aroma.

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