2013 Teas


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Bai Ji Guan (White Rooster Crest) Rock Wulong 2013


When you infuse the tea, you’ll find that the thinness and silky smoothness of the leaves’ texture is striking. The brewed tea color is a clear and vibrant orange.

Our price: $19.42

Premium Rou Gui Rock Wulong 2013

Like our Imperial Rou Gui, this tea also grows in central part of the Wu Yi Mountains known for its mineral rich soil.

Our price: $19.91

Zhi Lan Xiang (Iris Flower) Dan Cong Wulong 2013

Since this tea received its name largely due to its scent, it has the relaxing aroma of the iris orchid when brewed, with a bright yellow tea color.

Our price: $19.94

Bi Luo Chun Green Tea 2013


Bi Luo Chun has small, tender leaves and a gentle fruity flavor.

Our price: $20.47

Tongmu Bohea Organic Black Tea 2013

Bohea (Boo-he) is the world’s first black tea created purely by the innovative tea farmers in...

Our price: $22.00

Jin Guan Yin Wulong Tea 2013
Uncommonly intense. Even the aromatic richness its dry leaf stands out among other Tie Guan Yin...

Our price: $22.95

Imperial Rou Gui Rock Wulong 2013

July Special -- 20% Off!

Imperial Rou Gui is a Zheng Yan Cha which means it grows in central part of the Wu Yi Mountains known for its mineral rich soil...

Our price: $23.76
Market price: $29.70 save 20%

Dian Hong Jin Ya (Golden Buds) Black Tea 2013

Golden Buds has a floral aroma that fills your mouth. The flavor is smooth with a delicate sweetness.

Our price: $24.10

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