Nuo Mi Xiang Xiao Qing Tuo (Sweet Rice Fragrance Mini Green Tuo Cha) 2011

Nuo Mi Xiang Xiao Qing Tuo (Sweet Rice Fragrance Mini Green Tuo Cha) 2011

This special little tuocha is made from sun-dried maocha, which is sorted before the dry leaves are steamed. The tea is then wrapped in small, cone-shaped cotton fabric bags and compressed into tuochas. The fabric is removed and the tuochas are left to dry. The tea is then infused with local Yunnan herbs called Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye which means "Sweet Rice Tender Leaves." The herb resembles mint with small, fingernail-sized leaves. People of the Dai Minority, who live in Southern Yunnan close to the rainforest, use this herb a lot to cool down during hot, humid days. The recipe is a closely guarded secret because according to Chinese medicine, the Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Yet herb cools the body and amplifies green puer's cooling properties. Chinese use this tea to detoxify naturally. After this infusion process, the producer wraps each tuocha in paper. The tea brews up bright amber; it has a heady aroma with a mild flavor and no bitterness. Region: Yunnan Meng Hai tea area Grade: 3rd-4th blended maocha Weight per piece: 3.5 grams How to store: Store in a dark, well ventilated area with less than 70% humidity. Less than 25 degrees C or 77 degrees F. Store in the paper or fabric, not plastic. Keep away from odors and fragrances. How to infuse: Any cup, pot, or gaiwan made of porcelain, glass, yixing clay, iron, or other material will work. Brewing Guidelines: 1st infusion -- one piece (discard wrapper) per 12 ounces. Use boiling water (212 degrees F) for 5 minutes 2nd infusion -- 2-3 minutes 3rd to 6th infusions -- 5 minutes Infusions: at least 5-6 times

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