Yue Guang Bai (White Moonlight) Ancient Tree Green Puer Cake 2009 400g

Yue Guang Bai (White Moonlight) Ancient Tree Green Puer Cake 2009 400g

The tea for this puer cake comes from high in the mountains of Jing Gu at an altitude of about 2200 meters (7200 feet) from 100-300 year old Da Bai Cha bushes. The 800 year old mother bush which provided the seeds for these bushes still stands, surrounded by the younger bushes. The picking standard for this cake is one bud to one leaf, and the tea material is very fuzzy. The freshly picked leaves are weathered under moonlight instead of sunlight, resulting in a longer weathering period and more oxidation before the tea is pressed into cakes. This gives a darker color and a rich aroma to the tea. The flavor is smooth and fruity, with a full-bodied texture. This is a great tea for new green puer drinkers. Region: Jing Gu, Yunnan Province, China Grade: 1 bud to 1 leaf Weight per piece: 400 grams How to store: Store in a dark, well ventilated area with less than 70% humidity. Less than 25 degrees C or 77 degrees F. Store in the paper or fabric, not plastic. Keep away from odors and fragrances. How to infuse: Any cup, pot, or gaiwan made of porcelain, glass, yixing clay, iron, or other material will work. Brewing Guidelines: 1st infusion -- Loosen and gently break off about 5 grams of tea from the brick for approx. 12 ounces water. Use boiling water (212 degrees F) and infuse for 2 minutes. 2nd infusion -- Boiling water, infuse for 2 minutes 3rd infusion -- Boiling water, infuse for 3-5 minutes 4th to 7th (or more) infusions -- Boiling water, infuse for 5 minutes Infusions: 7 or more times

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