Zao Xiang Cha Zuan (Date Fragrance Black Puer Brick) 2006 250g

Zao Xiang Cha Zuan (Date Fragrance Black Puer Brick) 2006 250g
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Brick shaped puer tea is called Bian Xiao Cha or "Border Sale Tea" which refers to the fact that this style of puer was originally sold on the borders in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Mongolia. Chinese tea merchants have been selling tea in these border areas for more than 1,000 years. Tea is an extremely important daily commodity in these highland desert areas, where it is consumed by ethnic minority groups such as Uighers, Tibetans, Mongolians, Qiang, and others for nutrition as much as enjoyment. In the old days, Bian Xiao Cha was also called Guan Cha or "Government Tea" meaning that the business was controlled by the government and could not be sold privately. Since tea could not be grown in this harsh northwestern climate, local people traded for horses for tea, and the horses were sent back to the Chinese army. Most of the puer bricks sold during this time were green, not black.

This black puer has already aged for several years. Older, larger leaves (6th-7th grade) were used to create a more cooked Chinese date fragrance and more robust flavor. The puer has a sweet finish and less earthy taste when compared to younger puer. The tea brews up a bright red color immediately. Leaves for the maocha were very carefully chosen so that when infused, the tender reddish brown leaves are revealed to be evenly sized; consistent leaf size is a good indication of proper quality control during blending.

This brick is great for new puer drinkers who want to experience black puer's character. Seasoned drinkers will be surprised at the cooked fruit flavor.

Region: Lin Cang Tea Area, Yunnan Province

Grade: 6th-7th blended maocha

Weight per piece: 250 grams

How to store: Store in a dark, well ventilated area with less than 70% humidity. Less than 25 degrees C or 77 degrees F. Store in the paper or fabric, not plastic. Keep away from odors and fragrances.

How to infuse: Any cup, pot, or gaiwan made of porcelain, glass, yixing clay, iron, or other material will work.

Brewing Guidelines: 1st infusion -- Loosen and gently break off about 5 grams of tea from the brick for approx. 12 ounces water. If desired you can rinse the tea, using boiling water (212 degrees F) for 30 seconds, and discard the infusion. Take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of the moist tea leaves. 2nd infusion -- Boiling water, infuse for 2 minutes 3rd infusion -- Boiling water, infuse for 3 minutes 4th to 6th infusion -- Boiling water, infuse for 5 minutes Infusions: at least 6 times

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